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The Hoot is a portal which is the outcome of the concern felt by a group of practicing journalists at some recent trends in journalism. It is an attempt to revive a concern for media ethics, restore focus on development in the subcontinent, and preserve press freedom. It will attempt to hold a mirror to the way journalists practice their craft in this region. It will be devoted to examining issues of accuracy, fairness, right to information, censorship, and the responsibility of the media.. It is aimed at journalists, users of the media including lay readers and viewers, and students and teachers of journalism and communications. Particularly for the last group, as for media professionals, it attempts to bring together several relevant links and readings. It also attempts to provide tools for communities and individuals to interact with the media. Students of communication in theological colleges can make use of this site.


The BTESSC (Board of Theological Education, Senate of Serampore College) conducted a workshop for libarians under the Senate family on August 29 and 30. The theme of the workshop was ‘Librarians Training on On-Line Training Techniques and Different Possibilities.’ This blog is a result of the workshop. It will be updated with information on theological libraries in India, book and magazine online sites and information for librarians and researchers.